Research Paths for Transfer Students

The Research Paths for for Transfer Students serves new incoming Jacobs School of Engineering students, focusing mainly on transfer students from community college who have little to none research experience and that would like to do research in the areas of materials and nanoscale science and engineering during their undergraduate studies at UC San Diego.

The greatest value of UC San Diego is its research activity, being a world top-class research university. Its faculty are world renowned research leaders across different disciplines. Research activities give students the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that cannot be acquired in a classroom and that are driven by the student's own desire to discover new knowledge and technologies.

This program will go from Fall'2021 to Spring'2022 aiming to give mentoring, skills and information that will help students to build and navigate their own path to enroll into research activities. This program will be aside from main classes. The plan for Fall, Winter and Spring goes as follows:

Fall 2020: What is research? Duration: Six 1-hour (Saturday) sessions through the quarter.

Research activities at UCSD, The importance of Research for your professional career, Discovering your own research interests, Identify research opportunities and prepare your strategy to apply

Some sessions will be via ZOOM and some in-person

Session 1: (Saturday Oct/16/2021, 10-11 am): In person. Program Description. Overview of Research Activities at UCSD and Jacobs School of Engineering

Session 2: (Saturday Oct/23/2021, 10-11 am): By ZOOM. What is Research? How research experience drives innovations and benefits to society? How research experience will help you to shape your professional skills and boost your career?

Session 3: (Saturday Oct/30/2021, 10-11 am): By ZOOM. Research opportunities at UCSD. Research Labs, UC Leads, Summer research programs, Research Expo, Research Centers

Session 4: (Saturday Oct/31/2020, 10-11 am): By ZOOM. Students testimony: How to handle research and classes? How to get into a lab? What do you learn in labs beyond class room lectures?

Session 5: (Saturday Nov/6/2020, 10-11 am): By ZOOM. Seminars from UCSD students doing research

Session 6: (Saturday Nov/13/2020, 10-11 am): In Person. Layout the strategy to find a research position. Identify research interests, potential faculty mentors, and summer research programs.

Last weeks of Fall quarter: Work on your research interests and 2022 summer REU applications.

Winter/Spring 2022: Getting the skills for the lab and research. Duration: 3h/week

Arduino and Python Introductions, Computer Simulations, Optical Spectroscopy, Structural Characterization, Electronic Measurements, Technical writing and scientific presentations. More details will be posted later.

Spring 2022: Hunting research positions

Follow this link to apply to the program: